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Titledrome Easy
Titledrome Easy

version: 5.2
last release: January 26, 2019
status: shareware
package size: 2866kB

Titledrome Easy overlays external subtitles onto the video displayed on the Windows desktop. This enables you to view films with an original sound track, using exclusively subtitle translation.

The file of subtitles should be in SubRip format (extension .srt) or MicroDVD format (extensions .sub and .txt).

Titledrome Easy has various settings, including synchronization by changing of subtitle viewing speed. Application also supports the command line.

Titledrome Easy very well works also with Blu-ray, HD and online video streams.

See also Titledrome Professional and Titledrome Lite.

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New in version 5.2
- Fixed several bugs.
Comparison of versions
Titledrome is also available in versions Professional and Lite
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The trial version of Titledrome Easy will be completely functional during 30 days after installation. On the expiration of this period the program will keep the functionality, but with restriction on count of displayed subtitles. Therefore register your program to remove these restrictions and to support the hard work of authors. Registration enable you to use all next versions of Titledrome Easy.
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